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LibGuides Tips: Specifics

Helpful tips & tricks for your everyday LibGuides use

HTML for the Kit Guide

The Kit Info Guide page has a box for each maker/robotics kits where if you click the picture of the kit, text appears. To do this:

Click the Source button, and paste the following html code into the box
(Red text is the photo that shows)
(Blue text is the text that pops up):


<details class="details-example"><summary> <img loading="lazy" onclick="'hidden';" src="" /> </summary> <strong>Grades K-12</strong><br />
Immerse your students in a puzzle-like scenario where they have to solve a series of problems to ultimately get into the box. This standards-aligned game platform is applicable to multiple subject areas and strengthens problem-solving skills and promotes cooperation and teamwork.
    <li>4 kits available through Model Schools</li>
    <li>6 kits available to Librarians through SLS</li>
    <li>Search &quot;BreakoutEDU&quot; in <a href=";context=boces_media" target="_blank">catalog</a></li>



Webster Schroeder Databases

In order to use the A-Z databases list, and to make them appear as they always have - with the "more..." link underneath which shows the username and password, paste this code into a separate Rich Text/HTML content type underneath the database:

<details class="details-example"><summary> <span style="color:#296EDA;">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; more... </span></summary> Username: XXXX<br />
Password: XXXX</details>