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LibGuides Tips: Profile

Helpful tips & tricks for your everyday LibGuides use

Liesl Toates

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Liesl Toates
Monroe #1 BOCES
Rochester, NY
(585) 383-2215

Profile Boxes

The profile box is important so that your students and/or parents and guardians know who you are and how to reach you with any questions. Photos are nice so that students can recognize you, but many librarians choose to use an avatar or bitmoji.

My profile box is to the left as an example of what it looks like. This box shows up automatically on the home page of every guide you create. You can easily remove it using the X in the upper right corner. 

Editing your profile

You can edit your profile box, from the home screen by using the edit pencil in the upper right corner of the box:



Alternatively, you can get there by 1. clicking the blue button in the upper left corner of the toolbar, 2. clicking into LibApps, and 3. using the My Profile section of the toolbar.


Adding your profile box

Adding your profile box to a page is as simple as adding a standard box.


Adding Another Person's Profile Box

To add another person's profile, first, add your own profile and then change it using the gear wheel in the upper right corner.


Then, choose the profile of the person you want to include. This person must already have a profile built within our regional account (names were blacked out for privacy purposes).