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LibGuides Tips: Content

Helpful tips & tricks for your everyday LibGuides use


To add content to a page, you first need to add the container that the content will go into. These are called boxes. To add a box, click the Add Box the column that you would like to add it to.

Top and Bottom Boxes

You have the ability to add a box to the top and the bottom of the page. These two boxes span across the entire width of the page regardless of how many columns you have. These two boxes do not have to be added to your page. They are there only in case you want one or both of them.

Reuse Existing Box

You can reuse (or copy) an existing box. To do this, click the Add Box link as if you're adding a brand new box. Then at the top of the pop up window, you'll click "Reuse Existing Box". Your window will then look similar to this:


In the pop-up window, you'll tell it which guide you're reusing the box from. In the box below that, you'll choose the box out of that guide you would like to reuse. These will be listed in the order of the guide. Pages will be listed in bold, and underneath each page will be the boxes that are on that page.


**Pay attention to the Copy checkbox. If you do not check this box, the box that you are reusing will not be a true copy. It will be mapped to the original box and you will not be able to make changes to this box. (Any changes you want to make would have to be made in the original box.)**


Adding Content

Moving Content