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LibGuides Tips: Guide Structure

Helpful tips & tricks for your everyday LibGuides use

LibGuides are customizable from the frame that holds the content you add, down to the content you enter. Here you will find information on how to change the layout structure of each page, as well as changing the guide navigation styles, and how to move boxes around.

Under this page there is a dropdown holding information about pages and content (not built yet).


For basic information on pages, see our Pages page.

Columns / Layout

All guides have the option to add a box across the top (like a header) and a box across the bottom (like a footer). You can customize how many columns each page displays in the body of the page (up to 4), and the widths of these columns are also customizable (to an extent). 

To change the layout of your page, click on the Layout drop down menu under the tabs at the top.

The menu will have options for 1 to 4 columns. There are multiple options under the 2 and 3 column choices. These are width percentages.

For instance, under 2 columns you can have each one take up 50% of the page.

Under that option, is for one column to be 25% and the other be 75% of the page, etc.

For three columns there are more options.

For four columns each one would take up 25% of the width of the page.

If you choose Custom Column Widths in the drop down, you can customize your column widths by dragging the sliders back and forth.