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The Monroe One BOCES Multimedia Service provides 24-hour access to educational media resources. Our catalogs host thousands of educational videos and hours of royalty-free music and sound effects. Participation in the service allows schools to purchase into an Overdrive Advantage collection, the Ensemble video/media content management system, and allows teachers the ability to request the recording of educational programming off of PBS and other television stations. Participating schools can also borrow physical media such as DVD's, makerspace kits, and devices such as iPads. Our service is constantly growing and changing to meet your students needs!


For more information on our Multimedia service, please contact Katie Bertrand.


Participating Districts


Our Multimedia service offers educators in participating districts a variety of tools to enhance their teaching.


 Video on Demand Resources


SAFARI Montage is Monroe One's educational streaming video platform. Housing, not only videos, but images, ebooks, 360 degree videos, PBS documentaries, primary source documents from the Library of Congress and more, this repository is your one-stop search platform for most of your multimedia needs.  Click the logo above to access SAFARI Montage and log in with your regular district login.


Embedded within our SAFARI Montage platform, Learn360 offers almost 70,000 additional videos for educational use.

Swank K-12 Streaming offers full-length feature movies for educational purposes. Participating Monroe One educators have access to a collection of up to 400 feature films for instructional use in K-12 classrooms.  This collection is licensed annually (through June 30 of each year).  The titles in the collection are reevaluated each June.



Ensemble has been purchased by Panopto! Panopto is a video/media content system which allows you to manage, publish & deliver videos/media produced by staff and students. Similar to YouTube or Vimeo, Panopto is perfect for educational use.




OFF-AIR Recording

Instructional programs can be recorded upon request from cable stations and then streamed for ON DEMAND viewing through Safari Montage or, when necessary, burned to a DVD and delivered to your school.



 Digital Media Resources

Soundzabound offers a catalog of thousands of royalty free songs and sound effects. Click the logo above to open the catalog. If you are on school property, you should automatically be logged into Soundzabound. If you are at home and you do not know your district login, you may contact your building librarian.

 Overdrive Advantage 

Districts who participate in the Monroe One Multimedia service have the opportunity to purchase an Overdrive Advantage collection. This collection is accessible only to students and educators in the purchasing district, and is accessible directly through SORA.

This is great for when you need multiple copies of a specific book for schoolwide projects, or for beefing up your audio collection.



 Video Production Support



Booking Physical Items