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Multimedia: Off-Air Recording



Federal Offair Guidelines

WXXI Program Listings



Instructional programs can be recorded upon request from PBS or cable stations and then be streamed for ON DEMAND viewing through Safari Montage or, when necessary, burned to a DVD and delivered to your school. 

These program must be requested by an educator for recording in advance of the air date. Copyright guidelines for off-air recording must be followed in this process.

Request a program here


Frequently used resources for finding educational programming:

  • WXXI-PBS Program Listing - monthly schedule
  • Discovery Channel - weekly schedule
  • History Channel - click on TV Shows tab for program schedule
  • Biography Channel - weekly schedule
  • A&E Network - weekly schedule
  • Any national program station can be requested for Off-Air opportunities, barring any copyright issues
  • Educators of foreign languages can have Telemundo and other Spanish-speaking programs recorded for use in the classroom (Cable Channel 42)

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