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Multimedia: How-To

Logging In

Students and educators accessing Soundzabound onsite at a school building will be logged in automatically. Students and educators accessing Soundzabound at home will need the username and password for their district. Each building librarian should have this information.

If you are a librarian and you do not have your login information, please contact Liesl Toates at (585) 383-2215 / or Katie Bertrand at (585) 490-0824 /

About Soundzabound

Soundzabound is provided to participants in the Monroe One BOCES Instructional Multimedia Service.  It offers access to a collection of hundreds of titles of royalty free music and sound effects. These titles are perfect for videos and podcasts.

Your Password and Personal Information

Soundzabound does not collect any personal information from individual users. If you log on while you are located in a school building, you will not have to log in using a username or password. It uses a geolocator to log you in automatically. 

To log into Soundzabound from outside of a school building, you will need the school's username and password. Building librarians should have these available to you.

If you are a building librarian and you are unsure of the district login, you may email Katie Bertrand or Liesl Toates.

Browsing the Catalog

Browse the catalog by clicking on any volume, and then View More.

Click Play to preview the music. Once you have chosen the song you want, Click Download to save it to your computer.

Searching for Specific Music

Search for music by category or length of time.

This will open the music volumes that fit your selection. Scroll through and find the music you want as if you are browsing.



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