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East Rochester MLA/Senior High Library: Multigenre Research Project

Multigenre Research Project

Multigenre Research Project


Start Looking Here

Use one or more of the sites below to begin research. 

Encyclopedia Britannica       

Information on many topics.                                                        


World Book

Information on many topics.   

Username: ermiddle
Password: 1monroe


Information on people, American history, science, and technology.

Username: erhigh
Password: bombers

Information on people.



Genre Ideas

Looking for Genre Ideas?

Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

Genre Templates


The CRAP Test:

Use the CRAP test to determine if a site is a good one to use.

Show Click Restraint!

Practice Click Restraint!

Don't just click on the first link you see. 

Remember to look through the first page of the results. Look at the links. Read the descriptions.

Do you think this is the best site for your purposes?