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East Rochester MLA/Senior High Library: Books for MLA Students

MLA Students! Want some book ideas?  Simply choose your favorite genre from the links below and see what we've got.


Adventure Books

Books with action, adventure and excitement. They are usually fast-paced and often set in unusual settings.

Sports Books

Books where sports play an important role in the story.

Graphic Novels

Stories that combine illustrations and words to tell a compelling story.

Realistic Fiction

Books about real people facing real-life issues. Characters often must overcome obstacles.

Humor Books

Books about people who are often in very funny situations.

Fantasy/Science Fiction

Fantasy - Books with magic and fantasy elements.
Science Fiction - Books that are usually set in the future. They often involve space, time travel or aliens. 

Nonfiction Books

Books about real people and events.

 War/Historical Fiction 

War - Books about people directly experiencing wars.

Historical Fiction - Books about real people and events, but with stories that are made-up.