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East Rochester MLA/Senior High Library: AP English 12 - Short Story Research Paper

Library Resources for AP English 12 

Video #1: Introduction & Finding Sources

Corrections to Video:

At 4:10 - I said "sources", but I meant to say "stories".  I guess I've just got sources on my brain.

Google Scholar - I forgot to mention Google Scholar, which only searches for academic articles.  Feel free to check it out. The one major problem is that it can be very tricky to see the full text of the article. If you find something that looks great, but you can't get the text, send me an email.  I can probably get the article for you.


Gale eBooks

password: bombers

Look for the article in Short Stories for Students. This is an excellent place to start your research.

Bloom's Literature

Username: erhigh
Password: bombers

Gale in Context: High School

Password: bombers

Academic OneFile

Google Scholar


Short Stories for Students - Dead Men's Path



Guide to APA Format

Visit the Guide to APA Format page for help creating APA citations and the References page.   



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New Users: Follow these instructions on setting up an account in Turnitin

Existing Users: Follow these instructions on adding the AP English 12 class to your existing account.

Step 2: Submit your paper to Turnitin

View instructions on how to submit your paper.

Step 3: View the Similarity Report

View directions on interpreting the Similarity Report

A Student Guide to the Similarity Report

Step 4: Make changes and resubmit (only if necessary).

AP Stories

English 12 AP
Short Stories

Dead Men’s Path (pg. 182)
Everyday Use (pg. 64)
The Parable of the Prodigal Son (KJV translation) (pg. 197)*
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (pg. 377)
A & P (pg. 14)
The Yellow Wallpaper (pg. 290)
The Storm (pg. 116)
Young Goodman Brown (pg. 341)
The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World (pg. 329)
Look on the Bright Side (pg. 333)*
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (separate handout)
The Swimmer (separate handout)

* The library has little to no sources on these stories that are in red. Please choose another story to research. 

Ms. Luce - Librarian

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