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East Rochester MLA/Senior High Library: APA Format (English 12)

APA Format

Guide to Using APA Format (English 12)

Setting Up Your Paper in APA

How to Set Up Your Paper in APA Format


Step One: Go to Google Docs. Find the Google Docs template for APA format, which is called Report APA. If you don't see it, click on the Template Gallery in the top right corner.


Step Two: Delete the following sections from the template:

  • Author note

  • Abstract

  • Headings in the body of the paper (use paragraphs)


Confused? Watch a short video from Ms. Luce that explains how to set up your paper:

APA Parenthetical Citations

This video goes over the basics of parenthetical or in-text citations. 

Please note: page numbers are only needed when you are quoting directly from the source.



Use NoodleTools to create APA citations and the References page (aka the Works Cited page in MLA).

First time using NoodleTools?  Click here for directions on creating an account.


Below are the videos from the NoodleTools assignment:

Getting Started in NoodleTools (4:02)


Adding Websites to NoodleTools (8:13)


Adding Library Database Articles to NoodleTools (4:17)

Creating the References Page (3:25)

Parenthetical Citations in NoodleTools (7:46)