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East Rochester MLA/Senior High Library: Important People in History - 10th Grade Research Project



Use NoodleTools to create MLA citations and the Works Cited page.          

Go to NoodleTools. 

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Week 1

At a Glance: Week 1

Day 1: Brainstorming -  Events and Accomplishments
Day 2: Childhood
Day 3: Early Career
Day 4: Thesis Statement
Day 5: First Note Check and Significant Event #1

Click below to see the full calendar for the project.



Use one or more of the sites below to brainstorm significant events to research. If you like the source, PRINT a copy for your folder to use for your research.

Encyclopedia Britannica                                                           



Library Databases

We have many great sources in our library databases.  Please PRINT out any source that you plan on using for your research. 

Biography in Context                                                  
Research in Context
Research in Context
World History in Context
Gale Virtual Reference Library