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Information Fluency Continuum: Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Section One: Framework

The Framework provides a top-level view of the information fluency standards.  You may refer to this document when you are communicating to other educators about the substance of the library curriculum and deciding on the priorities for teaching in your own school.

            Framework of Anchor Standards and Indicators


Section Two:  PK-12 Continuum

You will use these documents to see the progression of specific skills for all the standards and indicators from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The fact that they are organized into grade-level groups will enable you to assess where the students are in their development and teach the appropriate skill for their level, even if they are behind or above the expected level.  The most important skills have been identified as priority skills and highlighted in bold to enable you to focus your teaching.

            Continuum with Priority Skills in Bold:  PK-2

            Continuum with Priority Skills in Bold:  3-5

            Continuum with Priority Skills in Bold:  6-8

            Continuum with Priority Skills in Bold:  9-12


Section Three:  Priority Skills

You can use the documents in this section if you wish to focus primarily on priority skills and understand how the priorities change and build on each other through the grades.  The first chart lays out the entire progression from PK-12; the others are in grade-level bands to enable you to coordinate from one grade level to the next.

            Priority Skills:  PK-12

            Priority Skills:  PK-2

            Priority Skills:  3-5

            Priority Skills:  6-8

            Priority Skills:  9-12

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Section Four:  Priority Skills Brochure


Section Five: Priority Skills and Assessments Organized by Grade Level

These documents will be most helpful if you are planning lessons and units for specific grade levels.  For each grade level, you will find a chart of the priority skills and assessments for all four standards and then the coinciding graphic organizers.

            Priority Skills and Assessments by Grade Level


Section Six:  Graphic-Organizer Assessments Organized by Standard

This section is a repository of all the graphic organizers.  They are organized by standard so that, if you are teaching a skill during the Investigate phase of inquiry, for example, you will be able to browse through all of the graphic organizers for Investigate and then adopt or adapt any organizer that matches your lesson.

            Priority Skills and Assessments by Standard and Phase of Inquiry


Section Seven:  A Taxonomy of Reactions to Research

The REACTS Taxonomy will be most useful when you are planning research assignments and you would like for students to share their new understandings in authentic and engaging ways.  The example products listed for every level of the taxonomy require students to think and create with their researched information, rather than simply copy or parrot back the facts.

            REACTS Taxonomy