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Virtual Tours and Travels: Virtual Tours

Research the sights and experiences of Washington D.C. before your 8th grade trip.

Tour the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China Image

 more than 3,000 miles across several provinces of northern China, making it one of the most impressive ancient structures on the planet.

Check your knowledge of Ancient China on Ducksters Educational.

The Louvre Museum Virtual Tour


Breaking News: Art Theft in Paris You are the Investigator when a pair of daring art thieves steal a famous work of art. (Digital Escape Room, Version 1.1)


Have the museum all to yourself, and take a 360 degree tour of the Museum.


British Museum

British Museum

London, United Kingdom

A collection that spans over 2 million years of human history and culture! Includes world-famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies. (A Warning: This collection includes items that have been curated for young adults and adults.)

Discover our interactive experience The Museum of the World


ancient egyptian farming sculpture


Videos In and About Museums:

Egypt New Discoveries and Ancient Mysteries Hidden Treasures of the Cairo Museum

Guardians of the Museum

The Hideaways (Also Called: From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler)

Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


San Diego Zoo Kids Logo

With plenty of zoocams and activities. this is a fun and user friendly page

Games * Activities * Stories * Videos

San Diego Zoo stories link with picture of an aye-aye


Enjoy a live look at animals that call the Houston Zoo home via webcams! See the herd of Asian elephants wander through their enormous habitat. Watch as giraffes nibble lettuce. See the rhinos roll in their mud puddle or the flamingos float next to a waterfall. See the chimpanzees interact with other or snooze in a hammock.


Check out the animals by A-Z or habitat.  Read about the animals, their status, and view videos.