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Virtual Tours and Travels: Veteran's Day

Research the sights and experiences of Washington D.C. before your 8th grade trip.

Check out this brief introduction to Veteran's Day from PBS Learning Media.

What is a Veteran?  Check out this brief video from Scholastic.

Teaching Kids About Veteran's Day: Resources and Ideas

from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor and give thanks to those who have served or are serving in the military.  Teaching kids about Veterans Day and start to help them understand its significance. There are some very simple and age-appropriate ways we can teach young kids to show respect and appreciation to veterans.

  • Talk with kids about the significance
  • Say Thank You
  • Make a Card or Baked Goods for a Veteran
  • Attend a Ceremony or Parade
  • Support a Soldier
  • Learn a Veteran's Day Song or Poem
  • Read Together
  • Make Connection
  • More Resources to Explore

17 Virtual Veterans Day 2021 Ideas for School and Work

Updated: July 15, 2021

Veterans Day is November 11 in the United States and is a federal holiday. Virtual Veterans Day ideas are ways to honor armed forces online on that day. 

  • Veterans Day activities for kids
  • Veterans Day ideas for school
  • Veterans Day online activities
  • Virtual Veterans Day program ideas
  • Veterans Day events
  • Veterans day ideas for work

arlington national cemetery image and link

Arlington National Cemetery is an United States military cemetery located in Arlington, Virginia.  The cemetery consists of 639 acres in which the dead of the nation's conflicts have been buried, beginning with the Civil War.  Soldiers from earlier wars have been reinterred there as well.

Find out more about the history and take virtual tours.

Veterans Day in and around Rochester, NY: What to do with kids


Check out this webpage for family oriented activities in the Rochester, NY area. 

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You can also find books about Veteran's Day at your local public library or check out an eBook from our SORA OverDrive collection:


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Check out some of the inspiring books at Spry's Library: