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Resources by Subject: Healthy Life Choices

Resources, links, and subject pages for research topics and teacher's projects

Print Sources at Spry - Healthy Life Choices

Healthy Life Choices (Preventing Illness)

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  • 158 Self management, esteem
  • 363 Processed and Fast Foods
  • 510 Math for healthy choices
  • 612-617 health related topics
  • 641.5-642 Cooking and healthy eating topics

Keep Active!

Keep Active ‚Äč

Physically Active...Just Do it! - Aerobic / anaerobic exercise, Endurance, the (physical, mental, emotional, social) benefits of exercise, BMI (does it determine a healthy weight)

Emotional Benefits of Exercise

Smart BMI Calculator

Yoga as exercise

Staying a healthy weight

WebMD - Aerobic Exercise for Teens

How Active are You?

How Active Are You?

So You Think You are Physically Active? - Warm up / cool down, workout safety (FITT), target heart Rates, Cross-training


10 Warm up Exercises for Teens

Exercise Log

Pilates for Teens

FITT - Sports Advisor

Target Heart Rates-from the American Heart Association

Ways to get Unfit Teens Moving from Web MD

Target Heart Rates

Drug Use Dangers

Drug Use Dangers

Drug Use - (tobacco and alcohol)


Mayo Clinic - Helping teens avoid Drug and alcohol use

NCPC - Dangers of Drinking 



Deal News

Benefits of maintaining a Tobacco Free environment - Costs of use (Financial, environmental), smoking cessation, being assertive


Dealing with Addiction

Getting help

Guide to - Stopping Smoking

Quitting smoking

Second Hand Smoke

Smoking and Asthmas

Stop smoking


Are You Stressed?

Are You Stressed?

Eustress Distress, We all stress - Relaxation, exercise, the (physical, mental, social, and emotional) impacts of stress

Fighting Depression

7 Tips for Stress Relief from Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Eustress / Distress

Good and Bad Stress and its effects

Relaxation and other tips for stress relief

Handling Stress

Handling Stress

Stress Terminator- Causes, stressor definition and its 6 categories, strategies (organize yourself, stay positive about yourself, be assertive)


BMI and self-esteem

Stress and Stress Relief

Teen Issues - Stress Relief tips

Understanding Stress: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Effects

Medline defines Stress

Managing Stress for Teens



Be A Drug Free Hero


Smoke Free Movies

Tobacco News

Big Tobacco Exposed

NOVELNY Databases -General access

NOVELNY Databases-General Access


Nutrition facts labels -Know what is in your food and how it affects your health and mood

Nutrition Facts and Labels 

NIH- Use Nutrition Facts Label

Cartoon Network-Learn to use Nutrition Labels

Eating out in a Healthy way

Eating Out in a Healthy Way

Eating out - Heathy fats / unhealthy fats, peer survey

Eating Out

Fast Foods

Portion Control

Peer Survey on Eating Healthy

Smithsonian TweenTribune

Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Nutrition facts labels

Teen and Nutrion Labels

Use Nutrion Facts Labels

Block Basics


Citations: Make sure to give credit whether using print, online, or web resources.  For assistance consult the Works Cited pages or consult Mrs. Sardella.