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This page contains links to reading activities, resources and links. Fun and Frivolous or serious, searching, and smart.

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The 20 Best Poems for Kids

International Haiku Poetry Day – April 17, 2022

A haiku is an ancient form of Japanese poetry which dates back more than 1,200 years. A haiku consists of three lines with the syllable structure “five-seven-five” — although this is contested for being a western way of teaching the haiku. Japanese haikus also count sounds, not only syllables.

Haikus typically revolve around nature, the passing of seasons, or ephemeral beauty.

This page shares the history and ways to share haiku.


Poem in Your Pocket Day takes place every year on a day in National Poetry Month. Poem in Your Pocket Day 2022 will take place on April 29th.

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What is Poem in Your Pocket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day was initiated  in 2002 by New York City.  By 2008 the Academy of American Poets brought this to all 50 U.S. states. And  in 2016 the League of Canadian Poets brought it to Canada. 

Download Poems for Your Pocket

Join the celebration by printing one of the following poems from our downloadable Poem in Your Pocket Day PDF for 2021, which includes a free guide for celebrating in your school, community, or business. 

Poetry Resources for Classrooms & Libraries


Poetry Lessons from 826 Digital: 826 digital is a nonprofit project that champions student writing. It includes high interest poetry prompts, lessons, and mini-lessons, as well as student writing samples. Notable writers like Amanda Gorman (Youth Poet Laureate), and Jason Reynolds (Young People’s Literature Ambassador), have contributed to the content.

Poetry for Teens at The Academy of American Poets has curated themed lists of poems for teens and interviews/essays offering advice for young poets.

Read, Write, Think: NCTE shares a variety of resources to share/teach poetry

NYT Poetry Teaching Archive: Includes lessons, poems, activity ideas and resources

Poetry Out Loud: An easily searchable and well-referenced guide to poems from the Poetry Out Loud contest

Fibonacci Poems: Who doesn’t love a formula??

The Universe in Verse: A charitable celebration of the wonder of reality through stories of science winged with poetry. Highlights from the live show and individual episodes of the animated season can be seen here. Animation by notable illustrators. Poems narrated by actors, musicians, etc. 


April is National Poetry Month

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Each April, the Academy offers activities, initiatives, and resources so that anyone can join in online and at home and—hopefully—find comfort, resilience, and connection throughout the month of April and beyond: 

This website has poetry examples and generators for everything from MadLib Poetry, Concrete, Exquisite Corpse, Haiku, writing games, text manipulation, etc. 

Have some fun writing poetry!


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A Concrete Poem is a poem that is written in a way that the text forms the subject of the poem. It is sometime called "shape" poetry. has definitions and examples.

Playful Poetry has examples, links, and suggestions to create your own poetry.


This may be the oldest example of Pattern Poetry an ancient example of shape poetry. Read about this example and watch the video showing how they cracked the code to decipher this poem.


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