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Reading Central : Genres

This page contains links to reading activities, resources and links. Fun and Frivolous or serious, searching, and smart.

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Adventure Stories:

Quests, Journeys, Secret Missions and more!

Sesame Street: The Spy Who Loved Cookies (007 Parody) 

Fantasy Books

Witches, Wizards, Genies, Dragons, Ogres, and more!

Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies (Harry Potter Parody) 

 Gender Roles, Gender Equity & LBGTQI+

Girls: Smart, Powerful, Loyal!.

Laugh out Loud Humor

Oh the Horror!

Books to give you the shivers:​

Multicultural Books

Graphic Novels! 

Science Fiction:

Light Side of the Moon

Mystery: Sinister Figures, Pesky Kids,  Secret Messages! Who done it?

From the Days of Yesteryear!

Science Fiction:

On the Dark Side

or, Dystopian Fiction

Individual sports, team sports.  Read alone or go for the assist.

Explore the worlds brought to life by Rick Riordan

Diverse Books