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Monroe One Tutor Clips: Ensemble

Tutor Clips are short tutorials to help teachers use the Monroe One BOCES Multimedia services.


Ensemble Video is an online video management system that allows educators to capture, upload and manage their home grown video, and then deploy those videos to other sites via a link or embed code. Similar to YouTube, Ensemble Video is ideal for education because videos are kept private and saved locally on Monroe One BOCES's private servers.

If your district is not a part of our Ensemble service, and you would like more information, please contact Dana Bowers at 585-383-6696.

These services are available to educators and students in districts that participate in the Monroe One BOCES Multimedia service.

Click the logo below to open the Login page.

Ensemble - Logging In

Ensemble - Uploading Video

Ensemble - Sharing via Link & Embed Code

Ensemble - Generating Thumbnails

Ensemble - Creating Playlists

Ensemble - Playlist Update (July 2020)

Ensemble - Dropbox Update (July 2020)

Ensemble - Creating Quizzes

Ensemble - Chrome Extension Recorder

Ensemble - YouTube Implementation