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Student Council candidates - Class of 2026: Home

Aiza Ahmed

I have been on Student Council since 5th grade and I think that has been one of the best decisions of my life in school. Student Council has really had an impact on my life, ranging from developing many skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, time management and many more, all the way to making sure everyone feels heard and acknowledged. I have had moments where I have not been heard, seen and treated fairly simply because I am Muslim. I strive to make sure no one feels that way at all. That is one of the many things I will do in Student Council. I have been honored to have had the privilege to be on executive council to make even more changes and go into the nitty gritty of many things. I felt like I contributed greatly to both Student Council and executive council. Between both of these councils I have made many friends along the way, including teachers, because I am very outgoing and sociable. The most important part is that I enjoy being on both councils and find it very fun and impactful. This year I took many responsibilities of getting supplies and sharing ideas for spirit week and I know I will be able to do it all again. With my experience and passion, I believe I would be an amazing addition to the Student Council (and hopefully executive council). "We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already, we have the power to imagine better." ~ J.K. Rowling

Matthew Belous

Student Council was the first club that I joined in middle school, and ever since that first meeting, I have become very passionate for Student Council. I really enjoy advocating for my peers and making their high school experience the best it can be because I truly care about my peers. Being a member of Student Council for almost four years, including being president in eighth grade and an executive council member this year, I have learned so many valuable things about serving my peers and being a leader. I would love to continue learning from the amazing experience that being a member of Student Council provides. In our last few meetings, we talked about donating appropriate amounts of money to student clubs and organizations if they need some financial assistance, and also spending some of our budget to improve some aspects of the campus, like how Barker's Student Council had paid for new water fountains and TVs. Our budget is at a great number, right now, so it would be nice to use some of our budget for these reasons. If I get elected, I will share and promote these ideas, so that hopefully these ideas become reality. 

Jay Biswas

I wish to run for Student Council because I would like to help the community at MHS succeed by helping to fundraise for events. This allows for more opportunities for others, which is beneficial for everyone because the clubs will be able to make higher quality performances, and this would help show and make the performing students and the school proud of the effort that our school's students put into their work. Also, being on the Student Council would be beneficial for both me and others because I can share ideas I might have, such as different fundraising methods, as well as being able to learn off and become inspired by my peers' efforts and ideas. 

Leixi Chen

I have been part of the Student Council in the previous years and have enjoyed my participation in the Student Council. I felt that it was a truly beneficial experience. It was amazing in aiding in the development of leadership. Additionally, it was wonderful to work with other people and to become better equipped with different skills like communication and public speaking, I loved helping organize and carry out school events, to make them possible. As well as assisting in activities like decorating the commons during the winter or delivering candy on Valentine's Day. It was lovely to see the impact the Student Council could create, like the various food drives that happened. I believe that my involvement with Student Council was a terrific way to get a bit of exposure to what a real government is like. Along with this, it was incredible to act like a voice for the student body, by sharing and supporting ideas, interests, and concerns of students. I appreciated the experience and would love to continue to learn and grow from it. 


Rohan Chwalek

I wish to run for Student Council next year because throughout my entire school experience I notice a variety of solvable problems that a representative could fix. Instead of delegating that responsibility to someone else, I'd like to take it into my own hands. The ability to make a difference inspired me to run again for Student Council. There's a responsibility I believe every student has to make the school environment safe and enjoyable and this is my way of fulfilling that responsibility. 


Kevin Curran

I would greatly appreciate your vote for Student Council. As a member of Student Council, I would introduce valuable initiatives to contribute to the betterment of our school. I bring a sincere enthusiasm to making Pittsford Mendon the best it can be, Our school represents excellence. I am proud to be part of a school that pursues excellence at every turn whether on the sports field, in the classroom, in music, arts, drama, and service to our community. To continue to foster that excellence, I feel we could improve our school spirit. Every year, our school comes alive for Homecoming and the Rainbow Classic. I would like to see that same school spirit shared across other school events such as Unified sports, drama performances, music concerts and other less recognized sports. Vote for Kevin Curran, and I will strive to increase our school spirit and generate broader participation and excitement!

Will Harrington

I wish to run for MHS Student Council so that I can make our school more enjoyable for my teachers and my peers. While on Student Council I would have the power to help change the school to engage our student body and to enhance the learning experience for everyone. Also, serving on Student Council will help give me knowledge and skill that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. 

Nivethiksha Mangalasubaskaran

I wish to run for MHS Student Council in 2023-2034 because I know that I have full leadership qualities and the responsibility one needs to make the school a better place. I treat everyone in this school with respect and help anyone with all my heart. I have already had past experience with Student Council and I know that I have great confidence that will bring me to the top. I will be on time to everything, bring my 100%, contribute my ideas and listen to others, helping others and work toward my goal of making the school a better place! This is why I wish to run for MHS Student Council in 2023-2024. 

Michael Musa

I have been a Student Council member ever since 4th grade and I think it is important to represent my class as well as the school as a whole. Student Council to me isn't just a title, it's a tool,to make Mendon the best place it can be!  I look forward to working with my peers on improving our school and am ecstatic to start this second chapter of my high school career as a Student Council representative. 

Rain Royce

For the next school year, I wish to run for MHS Student Council because I believe that my qualities would make me a good addition to our student government. For one, I love working with others in class and in sports and I hope that with my help we can make Mendon a more fun & comfortable space. In school, I work diligently to maintain good grades, which demonstrates my ability to be hardworking. Being a part of student government is no easy task, & it is my belief that it is important to work hard & stay dedicated to properly complete the duties that came with the position. I hope that by being a part of our Student Council, I can continue to improve on these qualities while also bettering the school along the way. 

Addie Schulitz

Energy, enthusiasm, and volunteering --- those who know me know that I embody these traits. I strive to help make a brighter future for our school. Students come to school every day to work and are constantly worrying about grades and other external stresses. School should be enjoyable. A place to learn, but also to grow and make connections with others. By being on Student Council, I would work with my peers to make Mendon High School a more inclusive and enjoyable place. I look forward to the opportunity of serving on Student Council next year.


Demi Xu

I wish to run for MHS Student Council in 2023-2024 because it has been on my bucket list as well as one of my goals to join the MHS Student Council. I believe that with my teamwork and leadership qualities I could be a great member for the Council. I love working with others and I know that I am able to impact the school in a positive way when I become a member. My leadership and teamwork abilities will improve with the aid of student government. All in all, the Student Council is a great way I can demonstrate my teamwork capabilities in a positive influencing way, and helping the school be a better place. Go Vikings!

Musa Zafar

I wish to run for Student Council in the upcoming school year in order to help enhance the experiences students have here. In previous years I have participated in Student Council and I felt and still feel that helping improve the school and make it a more enjoyable place for my peers allows me to leave something good behind at my school, or in other words, a legacy. I also feel that Student Council helps enhance my skills in leadership, responsibility and commitment that can be used in school and ever beyond its walls. 

William Zink

I would like to run for Student Council to get a feel for it. I didn't do it in middle school and that's a regret I have. I also would like to run so I can get some leadership experience in high school. Plus, planning events and spirit days sounds like fun. 

Quincy Zuo

I am running for MHS Student Council in 2023-2034 because I want to have a positive impact on the students and faculty here in our school community. As a member, I want to represent the student body and advocate for the needs and interests of peers. I will also collaborate with the council develop programs and activities that will drastically improve our school experience. I also see this as an opportunity to practice and hone my leadership skills, form bonds with peers, and gather additional knowledge that will help me academically and professionally in the future. In conclusion, I want to run for MHS Student Council in 2023-2024 because I believe I will make positive impacts on the community while developing skills and experience.