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Student Council candidates - Class of 2026: Your class of 2026 candidates

Aiza Ahmed

I wish to run for Student Council in 2024-2025 because I have always believed that Student Council should serve as a voice for the student body and that is exactly what I plan on doing. I believe that every person's voice should be heard. With my past experience on Student Council and Executive Council - along with other clubs that involved leadership roles - I am an experienced leader that knows the drill and knows how to collaborate with others and inspire others to do their best and be their best. Student Council should be made up of students who are leaders. These leaders should be positive, trustworthy, empowering, supporting, all-encompassing, responsible, understanding, honorable and so much more, and I feel like I exhibit all those qualities. That, is why I want to run for Student Council. 

Matthew Belous

As someone deeply committed to Mendon's community and passionate about bringing positive change, I am eager to serve as a voice and advocate for the student body. I believe that each student at Mendon has a voice that deserves to be heard. Whether they are into sports, arts, or academics, everyone's perspective matters. As a member of Student Council, I would like to be one of the student's making sure that everyone's ideas, concerns, and dreams are front and center in the decisions that affect us all. But it is not just about being heard - it is about feeling like you belong. High school can be tough sometimes. but it is also where we make some of our best memories. I want to make sure every single student feels like they are a part of something bigger, like they are valued for who they are. I also have an incredible amount of experience when it comes to Student Council, which makes me an excellent candidate. I have been a member since 6th grade, I was president in 8th grade, I have been in Executive Council since 9th grade, and I am the current class of 2026 treasurer. All this experience has helped me become a better leader, and some of my fondest memories of high school so far have come from Student Council, whether it is setting up holiday decorations in the Commons, having a large group debate on a tough decision, or preparing for Homecoming week. I have developed many leadership skills from Student Council such as inclusion skills, communication skills, financial skills, and argumentative skills. I am also a leader outside of Student Council whether it is by being treasurer or our school's Science Olympiad team, being a CIT at a summer camp, or even being concertmaster of an orchestra departing for a European tour this summer. These other roles have only added more skills to my repertoire, making me a person that people can count on. In conclusion, I would like to continue my Student Council journey to gain new experiences and skills, but more importantly to give back to the Mendon community in return for everything it has done for me. 

Jay Biswas

I wish to run for MHS Student Council in 2024-2025 as I would like to have a greater ability to offer ideas for the betterment of our community. Also, I like being able to help other clubs out such as being part of the decision to offer clubs funding, which allows students to be able to advance in their interests by trying to ease any tensions for their club that they have regarding funding for competitions. So far, I've been in Student Council for one year and I was able to learn and see how Student Council plans fundraisers and events and I hope to be able to use both the knowledge I learned while in Student Council as well as my own knowledge to make Student Council run more efficiently next school year, which in turn will help the community as it will lead to things such as more planned out school events. 

Caitlin Burwell

Deciding to run for Student Council is more than just a title - it's about stepping up to represent my peers, making their voices heard and actively working towards positive change within MHS. It is a chance to address issues that matter to students, promote a sense of inclusivity, and to create memorable experiences. 

Leixi Chen

I wish to run for Student Council as I feel its a truly beneficial experience. Throughout the years that I have participated in Student Council I have become better equipped with various skills like communication, and public speaking, and hope to continue to use these skills to voice the concerns, ideas and interests of students. Additionally, I have found the ability to organize and carry out school events and activities to be incredibly valuable. From just the small activities like decorating the commons in winter to providing hot chocolate on Valentine's Day, it was such a great experience assisting and helping make these ideas a reality. Student Council's ability to adjust and improve is another aspect that I love. When flaws are brought up there is room for discussion and improvement, like the revision of how we apply grants. This same ability to change and improve is something I'm eager to explore with certain topics, like how to further increase school spirit. I've appreciated the experience and would love to continue to learn and grow from it. 

Kevin Curran

I would greatly appreciate your vote for Student Council. As a member of Student Council, I would introduce valuable initiatives to contribute to the betterment of our school. I bring sincere enthusiasm for making Pittsford Mendon the best it can be, Our school represents excellence. I am proud to be part of a school that pursues excellence at every turn whether on the sports field, in the classroom, in music, arts, drama, and service to our community. To continue to foster that excellence, we could improve our school spirit. Every year, our school comes alive for Homecoming and the Rainbow Classic. We need to show that same spirit across other school events such as Unified sports, drama performances, music concerts and other less recognized sports. Vote for Kevin Curran and I will strive to increase our school spirit and generate broader participation and excitement! I would greatly appreciate your vote! Together we can make a real impact! 

Will Harrington

Holding a position in Student Council would enable me to improve the school experience for both students and teachers, all while giving me important leadership experience and interpersonal communication skills that will help me all through later life. 

Karthik Jaliagama

My name is Karthik Jaligama and I'm currently a sophomore at MHS! I wish to run for Student Council next year because I believe that I have valuable communication and leadership skills that I can bring to the table. Here at Mendon High School, we have unique experiences like prom, spirit week, and Rainbow Classic that make MHS different from other schools. Also, our student body has many privileges, like the ability to start clubs based on interest, and Student Council helps to maintain and support such clubs. In addition, I have experience with leadership as I was last year's class president ('22-'23), a principal violist in RPYO, and was a junior leader at Master Kim's Taekwondo. I'm very excited about this opportunity, and I thank you for your consideration. 

Nivethiksha Mangalasubaskaran

Running for Student Council is an opportunity to become a voice for my peers. I believe that I will actively contribute to the improvement of our school community. Taking on this role will ensure that I will play a vital part and in taking initiatives and policies essential for the school. Serving as someone part of Student Council is about embodying leadership skills, responsibility, etiquette and proper dedication which I believe exemplifies my character. I ensure to bring a unique combination of qualities and proper skills that make me an ideal candidate. My passion for serving others and strong communication skills ensures that I will bring diverse voices and dedication and reliability makes me someone who can be followed and implement positivity. Choosing a leader who is committed and wishes to make a meaningful difference in our school community is your truly Nive! 

Eliana Menting-De Alba

I want to run for Student Council because I'm passionate about making a positive impact on our school community. I believe I can contribute fresh ideas, amplify student voices, and foster a more inclusive and engaging environment for everyone. Running for Student Council will allow me to take proactive steps towards realizing these goals and making a difference in the lives of my peers!

Michael Musa

Student Council has always been about more than just the school, it's about the people. Our student body is what makes Pittsford Mendon High School the revered powerhouse we so know and love. During my time here these past few years, many upperclassmen have helped shape/form me into who I am today, assisting me in finding myself as well as raising my confidence, perseverance, and determination as an individual. By continuing as a Student Council member, I vow to adopt this role with the greatest of responsibilities so that I may continue to spread kindness, exhibit empathy, and give guidance to my fellow peers. Together, we can make Mendon even MORE impressive of an establishment and leave an EVEN BIGGER legacy behind the Viking name. 

Omika Patel

I wish to run for Student Council because I want students to be comfortable expressing their ideas for MHS and I also want to raise school spirit. I believe that I could help students advocate change in the school. I've participated in all the spirit weeks and I think that themes where more people feel inclined to dress for will increase our spirit and overall environment. I believe planning more events (like the dances, candy grams, etc.) will involve more students in raising money while uplifting the mood will improve MHS altogether. 

Rain Royce

In just one year on the MHS Student Council, I have found a lot of enjoyment from helping create a fun environment at our school. From decorating the commons to distributing items on behalf of the Student Council, clearly an immense amount of work goes into school events & I wish to continue to be a part of the group that brings it all together. It has been a truly fulfilling experience to see other students have fun during spirit weeks & pep rallies I helped set up. I believe school should have a comfortable atmosphere to create an optimal learning environment, & it is my hope that my dedication to this belief can be accomplished by being in student government next school year. On a more personal level, I have found this organization to be beneficial to my skills regarding collaboration, leadership a& budgeting. So, with your vote, I hope that I can continue to utilize my new abilities to aid our Student Council & ultimately create a school that you enjoy attending. 

Sophia Shivell

I'd love to run for Student Council because I want to be more involved in representing my class. I wish to spread more school spirit and inclusivity for everyone through engaging and fun events by leading and managing activities for the school. If I am elected, I aim to add more representation for students and allow their voices to be heard. I will also work my hardest to increase overall morale for Mendon. 

Addie Schulitz

Hi! I'm Addie Schulitz, and I am asking for your vote to continue to be a representative for the class of 2026's student body in the Student Council. I have truly enjoyed being on the Student Council this past year. It has taught me cooperation, patience, and an increase in advocacy. My experience in how to effectively work with other members of the student body has increased my ability to be a strong advocate for all student activities. My main goal for next year is to enhance the overall high school experience for all students. And I will do this by working with other representatives to improve student-led activities that will increase opportunities for everyone. I'm very passionate about the well-being of students, and as we all know school is stressful, it is crucial to have outlets, and moments where you can relax. So, by voting for me, you aren't just letting me into Student Council, you are letting me make a change, and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

Rebel VanSlyke

I wish to run for Student Council in 2024-2025 because I'm not only immensely energetic but I am also loud and loyal. This would help because I use my voice and make sure I am heard about anything and everything that is going on. I will make sure Student Council is better than it usually is and make people more excited about things. This is the reason why I think I will be a great asset to Student Council. 

Demi Xu

I wish to run for MHS Student Council because I want to keep Mendon original. Student Council is a super unique organization in and of itself. A group of students coming together to raise money and organize events is something I special and there is no other organization in Mendon like this. I want to be a part of this organization and I will keep working to make Mendon a better place when I am on Student Council. Go Vikings! 

Musa Zafar

I wish to run for MHS Student Council in order to continue to enrich our high school experience that my peers and I get to partake in. Through Student Council, we are able to fund clubs, host charity events, and plan for fun occasions that characterize our school. Student Council allows for us to have some of the enjoyable experiences unique to our school that are often taken for granted; I have learned to appreciate these endeavors whether small or big, through my years of experience in the student body. I believe I am a fit candidate for a representative position because of my leadership and collaboration skills, which I have demonstrated through my past years as a part of Student Council, including two years at the Vice president position and a year as part of Executive Council. To summarize, I hope to become a representative to amplify the joy that my classmates feel as they progress through high school. 

Quincy Zuo

My decision to run for Student Council comes from my genuine desire to improve our school community. Every student's voice should be heard, and I'm determined to make sure that your concerns, suggestions, and goals are not just acknowledged but also taken into consideration. If elected, I will put great effort into policies that promote equity, unity, and the wellbeing of students. I'm committed to advocating for the topics that are most important to you, whether that means improving school facilities, addressing your concerns, and creating events that are of interest to you. Together, we have the ability to shape our school's future and make a lasting impact for future students. I kindly ask for your vote, your support, your trust. Let's turn MHS into a place where all students can grow and succeed.