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Multimedia: Media Manager


Welcome to the BOCES kit lending library! We have two services that loan kits to teachers and librarians. Read on for information about both of these and what is available to you.

**See the bottom of this page for instructions on how to book items.**

Model Schools Information

The Model Schools service provides districts with technology integration support. Model Schools provides professional development. Workshops can be found in the Monroe One My Learning Plan.

This service also lends various instructional technology tools for use by educators in the library or in the classroom.

For help with these items, please contact Doreen Pietrantoni at or Parker Ormerod at

​All public school districts in the Monroe One BOCES region participate in the Model Schools service. 

We Buy It, You Try It

The following kits are provided to librarians through the School Library System for research and development purposes. These items may require training prior to borrowing. We encourage you to borrow these kits and provide feedback to us. This program is provided to you so that you can try out new things before purchasing them for your library. We are happy to lend them when not in use for R&D purposes.

If you are a teacher and you want to borrow an item in this group, please speak with your school librarian about collaborating on a project.


How to book items using Media Manager

Our Model Schools Department, Multimedia and School Library System collaborate to bring physical kits to you through our Media Manager. You can view the available items from each service in the boxes below, however, to book the items, you must do this through our Media Manager.

**If this link takes you into your own Follett catalog, use this link: Media Manager and then click BOCES Multimedia and then BOCES Multimedia again. Then continue following the instructions below.

  • Login (in the upper right corner) using:
    • Your district user name
    • password: media
  • If your login does not work, please contact the Monroe One Help Desk at 383-2217.
  • Click Catalog, and search for the item you wish to book, or use the Resource Lists link at the left.
  • After you find the item you are looking for, click on "Details"
  • Click on "Book It!" which is located in the lower right hand corner. 
  • Enter the desired number of copies you would like to book and click on "Refresh Calendar"
  • Wait for the calendar to update "Copies to Book."
  • Scroll through the calendar to find available dates (displayed in white) and choose an open date. NOTE: If an item is not available, the date will be in red.
  • Please note:
    • The maximum loan period for devices is 15 school days.
    • Due to high demand, there is a limit of up to 12 iPads per booking, 2 times per school year.
  • Click "Save".