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Kit Info: Sphero Bolt

Classroom Kit Information

Model Schools has two Sphero Bolt Power Packs available for any educator in Monroe One districts to borrow. 

Inside the power pack, you'll find 15 Sphero Bolt robots, with charging bases and cords. This power pack suitcase conveniently plugs into the wall to charge all robots at once

School Library System has one class set of Sphero Bolt robots available for librarians to borrow.

In this set, you'll find 14 robots (1 is broken) each with a charging base and cord.

Getting Started

Sphero is a programmable ball designed to teach students how to code. Borrow a set of iPads (one for each Sphero) to program these. Request the Sphero Edu app to be loaded on the iPads. 

Connecting to the robot and all programming is done through the Sphero Edu app.

You can learn to program the robot and peruse projects in the Sphero Edu app, or find it here: 

Find Educator guides and resources here:

Borrow this set

To borrow one of the Model Schools Power Packs sets, click this link: Media Manager Kit Catalog

To borrow the SLS set, click this link: Media Manager Kit Catalog

Now follow these steps:

  • In the catalog, click the log in link in the upper right corner.
  • Log in using your regular school computer username, but use the password media. (This will kick you back to the main catalog page.)
  • Search for "Sphero".
  • Click the corresponding link for either "SLS - Sphero Bolt Class Set" or "MS - Sphero Bolt".
  • Then click Book It.
  • Choose the dates you would like to borrow and click Save.