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SHS Summer Coursework : English Language Arts


The study of  English Language Arts in the Pittsford Central School District cultivates literate citizens who think critically, write clearly, communicate effectively, and read with understanding and appreciation.

English Department Staff

Sutherland English 

For us, reading and writing do not merely comprise the tasks of our chosen profession; they are endeavors of passion. They are the foundation upon which we have built a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. We strive to consistently convey this passion to our students and in this way, contribute to society, of course, but more importantly—humanity. We are:

Matt DavidsonMr. Davidson's webpage 

Evvy FanningMs. Fanning's webpage

Monica GebellMs. Gebell's webpage

Nicki HastingsMrs. Hasting's webpage 

Amanda MarshallMrs. Marshall's webpage 

Victor NorthrupMr. Northrup's webpage

Marni RabinowitzMiss Rabinowitz's webpage

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Course-Specific Reading

Specific Summer Reading plans for students taking:

Happy reading!

All ELA Courses EXCEPT for AP Lit, AP Lang, and Honors Brit Lit



We ask that all Pittsford secondary students read two books this summer. Students, read any two books you like, any genre, any author, because choice is another beauty of reading. Biographies and memoirs count. All non-fiction counts. Of course, fiction counts. Poetry counts. Graphic novels count. You could choose something that’s “good for you,” something that will help prepare you for college, say. Or, not. It could just be fun. Any two books. If you have to read a book for another course, that counts for English, as well.

Once school begins in the fall, English teachers may plan activities and assignments around the two books students chose to read.

Monroe County Public Library Catalog


Sora provides free, instant access to thousands of eBooks and Audiobooks.  App available for Android and Apple. Find Monroe 1 BOCES -  Pittsford Schools, then log in with PCSD Network login (last first, password).