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Resources for Teachers: Copyright for Teachers

A selection of materials and websites for teachers. Includes: Professional development, classroom management, sources for lessons, etc.

Digital Citizenship - Copyright for Teachers

Copyright: Definition 

Items in public Domain

What is copyright protected?

What Cannot be copyrighted?

Why is understanding copyright important for teachers?

Copyright Related Resources for Teachers



Copyright For Musicians

Parts 1 - 3


Definition and History of music copyright.  Constitutional protections of copyright.

Part 2

What Copyright does not protect.  

Part 3

The 6 Exclusive Rights of Copyright

How Copyright Works: Fair Use, Parody and Infringement

Music and Copyright: Fair Use Explained

Copyright for Musicians, Parts 4-6

Part 4:

Collaboration and Copyright.

Copyright doesn't protect an idea.  It protects the expression of those ideas.

Part 5

Copyright Business: Resolving Copyright Issues.  Its a serious business. (Don't disregard!)

Part 6

Blurred Lines


DMCA - Digitial Millenium Copyrights Act (enacted in 1998) ; Created to enact the treaties of WIPO

Enacted before most Americans had access to the Internet

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization ; Two treaties were drawn in 1996



Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center - Copyright & Licensing Experts

Copyright Basics for Teachers

Copyright and Fair Use: What Teachers Need to Know

Copyright Clearance Center

Fair Use: First Sale, Attribution, Public Domain, Password Protections, Mediums covered, things that are "not protected",  government works,

Questions of:

Password Protection?

Who owns the copyright of a material? If you are the author? Royalties?

Who is going to know? Why is it important?

  1.  Its the Law.
  2. Its the right thing to do.
  3. Respecting copyright laws.
  4. Wouldn't you want ot be acknowledged?

Copyright School

Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property 2

What if you create / author a work as a teacher?

Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3

The 6 Best Music Licensing Platforms of 2019

The 6 Best Licensing  Platforms of 2019