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Reading Strategies: Fluency


P.A.P.E.R. (Phrasing, Accuracy, Punctuation, Expression, Rate)

PHRASINGBlend words together into meaningful phrases and not one. word. at. a . time.
ACCURACYread the words correctly and fix mistakes if you make them.
PUNCTUATIONStop at periods.  You should take a little breath, pause at commas, notice different text, and sound excited for exclamation marks!  Can you make your voice go up when reading a sentence with a question mark?
EXPRESSION raise and lower your voice to show appropriate emotion.
RATEread at a good, speaking-style pace-not oofast or toooooo  ssslllooowww.



Don't Forget Your P.A.P.E.R


When you read in a more natural way, you can better understand what you read!


phrasing, accuracy, punctuation, expression, rate