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7th Grade Civil War Research: Home

Helpful Search Tips


  • Use the databases listed on this page! These are reliable sources.
  • Think about which databases make sense. Biography in Context will be good if you know the name of the people you are researching, but not as good for battles or topics.
  • Think about your search terms. For example, if you search medicine you may get medicine from many different time periods. Try searching Civil War Medicine, Civil War Weapons


US History


Biography in Context

Research in Context

Encyclopedia Britannica Middle School

Civil War Topics

Civil War Topics:

  • Underground Railroad
  • Compromises: Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850 & The Kansas Nebraska Act
  • Fugitive Slave Law
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Reformers (2+)
  • Dred Scott Decision
  • John Brown's Raid
  • Lincoln's Election
  • Comparison of Confederate & Union Armies
  • Battle of Shiloh
  • Fort Sumter
  • Battle of Bull Run
  • Battle of Antietam
  • Battle of Gettysburg/Gettysburg Address
  • 54th Regiment
  • Weapons & Technology (2+)
  • Medicine (2+)
  • Music
  • Sports during this era
  • Prison Life (ex: Andersonville, Elmira Prison)
  • Spies (women or men) (2)
  • People of the war (nurses, generals, women etc.) (2+)
  • Reconstruction


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