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Class of 2023 Student Council Candidates: Vote for 13!

Class of 2023 Student Council Vote

18 members of the class of 2023 are running for Student Council next year --- you will elect 13 to serve. Election details are provided in the box below along with statements from each of your class candidates (please scroll down to view all candidates).

*** Please be sure to vote! ***

Election Details

Who: Members of the class of 2023 are eligible to vote

What: Election of class of 2023 Student Council members for next year 

When: Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th

Where: In the commons during periods 5, 6 and 7 ---OR--- before and after school those days in the library

How: Show Infinite Campus or other form of identification. Voting supervized by advisers and will be registered via laptop stations and Office 365 Forms

Erika Allison

Student Council Experience: 9th – 11th grade; Executive Council member; Vice President 

I wish to run for MHS Student Council in 2022-2023 because I have been a part of it all of high school and love making school-based decisions. Mendon Student Council is such a positive place with great individuals. I can bring my ideas, leadership, and teamwork skills to improve the council next year! I love planning school events and contributing to discussions, like prom/ ball/ Homecoming. As a rising senior, there are more opportunities to have a voice in the student body and I hope to be a part of that. Through the years I have proven myself to be a responsible and trusting leader for our school. I cannot wait for what next year has to hold! 

Rose Anselm

Student Council Experience: A member since 5th grade, various officer positions 

Being a part of Student Council has been one of my favorite experiences throughout high school. I feel that my voice is heard and that I’m able to help Mendon High School as a whole. Being in Executive Council this year has allowed me to step up to more of a leadership role and take on a lot more responsibility, both of which I really value and enjoy. I truly enjoy being able to plan meetings, lead discussions, plan spirit weeks and pep rallies, and so much more. Overall, Student Council is a community that I feel comfortable in and I would absolutely love to be a part of it again this upcoming school year.  

Isabelle Colburn

Student Council Experience: Class representative 9th, 10th and 11th grade   

I wish to run for student council for my senior year because it is very important to me to have a say in class decisions and be a leader in the school. In my previous years in student council, I enjoyed organizing fundraisers, raising money, planning out school events, and overall working with my class to make Mendon and an enjoyable place. It is important to me that everyone in the school bas an equal say in decisions and that their voice is heard and represented. Student Council has given me leadership skills, communication skills and teamwork skills. I find it very important to be a part of a team and make relationships with peers just like we have in the past years. Being in Student Council has made me very open-minded to new ideas which I hope to continue in the future. Most importantly, being a Student Council representative, has given me the opportunity to make school a more organized and inclusive place. 

Alexa Corsaro

Student Council Experience: Class representative  

I want to advocate for students who are scared to speak up. I also want to help make Mendon a more comfortable and welcoming place for students. Additionally, I enjoy hearing my classmates' ideas and interacting with them and overall, making Mendon High School a better place. 

Sarah Dailey

Student Council Experience: New candidate!

I wish to run for student council because I want to be more involved in the decision-making process for my class. I want to ensure that our last year here is filled with fun and joy, making up for the chaos these past two to three years. 

Casey Dapshi

Student Council Experience: A member since middle school 

I feel that it is important to continue my journey with Student Council because I like that my voice gets heard among other student voices. I've been a part of Student Council since 7th grade and feel that it is appropriate of me to continue being part of it. By being a part of Student Council, I am doing something and making a difference in Mendon and it's an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything else. I love being a part of the Student Council community and I love supporting fellow Mendon students with the decisions that we make. I love planning events like the pep rallies and parties because I get to incorporate a little of what everyone likes. Being a part of Student Council for so long has taught me a lot and I want to keep sharing these experiences with all my friends and other students. 

Matthew Gestring

Student Council Experience: Class representative  

After experiencing Student Council for my first time this year, I have been able to identify some great strengths and weaknesses within the Council. While I know some aspects of Student Council cannot be changed or revised, I would like to serve on the Council to help revise some issues leading to the Council’s effectiveness. Before I outline some of my ideas, I will state that I plan on applying for both Executive Council and Vice President so that I can work with my fellow officers to make these changes. With that said, I would like to revise how the Student Council assigns tasks at meetings. In both class and whole school meetings the Student Council has great ideas but when it comes to execute plans, responsibilities don’t get assigned leading to plans or ideas never getting done. This is one reason Student Council gets pushback from the student body and if we make sure to assign responsibilities with a clear structure and timeline, Student Council will be exponentially more effective and productive. Secondly, alongside Council reform I would like to see what the student body wants. There is no reason that with a better process of accomplishing more tasks (as listed above) that we can’t poll the student body as a whole to get more wholistic, accurate data for what the students want. This could be as easy as a social media poll or a QR code but if we ask the student body for suggestions, they will be more likely to participate in events, leading to a larger, more positive Student Council influence on MHS. When I first applied to Student Council last year, I had a mission to help as much as possible and learn all about how Student Council operates. With this knowledge, I want to work with my fellow officers to not only continue the operation of our successful Council but work to improve it so that the Student Council can help the student body for years to come.  

Annelise Henry

Student Council Experience: Class representative  

Over the past year on Student Council, I really enjoyed being able to work with my class reps, and the whole school council to be able to plan events and help our peers be heard. Another reason I want to run for Student Council is I want to help give back to the school and take time to make sure things run smoothly and are what my peers want. I want to take responsibility and be a good role model because I remember the people who were on Student Council when I was an underclassmen and they did a nice job that I want to continue. 

Audra Holfoth

Student Council Experience: Class representative  

I wish to be a part of Student Council next year because it gives students a voice and I thoroughly enjoyed and want to continue organizing events and activities that make Mendon so special. I think what Student Council does is so important and it is very well run, overall creating an environment which encourages leadership, creativity, and discussion; so I want to be a part of that again. I think I can bring value to Student Council because I enjoy talking with all types of students of all grades and advocating for what they think could make Mendon better. As well as new changes, I know that tradition and school spirit is so important at Mendon, so I want to be a part of Student Council to help organize events like the Rainbow Classic, Ball, and Spirit Week that help bring students together. 


Carly Lieberman

Student Council Experience: A member since 9th grade 

I want to run for the Pittsford Mendon High School Student Council. I strongly value school spirit, and I believe Student Council members should be passionate about MHS, as they play a huge role in getting students and teachers involved. I have exhibited my commitment to Student Council for the last three years of my high school career, while regularly attending meetings and volunteering for school events. I am beyond dedicated to making MHS a better place and creating fun and unique events that make people want to get involved. I am also involved in multiple other clubs, such as DECA, Interact, and Bookstore. All of these clubs have taught me how to be an advocate for myself, students, teachers, and our community. Overall, I would love to be a part of the Mendon High School Student Council in 2022 and 2023. 

Muhammad Mbowe

Student Council Experience: Class treasurer, Executive Council member  

I believe that the Student Council is extremely important to the school as a whole, and that it has a lot to teach my peers and I. This year, I served as the Treasurer for my class, and it has taught me a lot about responsibility and commitment. I really value the lessons and experiences the Student and Executive Councils have given me. They have allowed me to be a leader and a learner and I want to continue in my senior year. 

Drew Orzell

Student Council Experience: Class representative 

I wish to run this year because I would still like to be a part of building Mendon as a stronger community. Whether it was planning the various activities for pep rallies or helping plan and raise money for prom, I enjoyed being a part of the core of our school, able to see the joy and community that my involvement in Student Council allowed for. In the future, I hope I can continue to be involved in Student Council and the core activities that make our school fun, especially with some more freedom post-COVID. 

Benjamin Orzell

Student Council Experience: Class representative for 3 years at MHS 

I believe I would make a great contribution to the 2022-23 Student Council. I demonstrate leadership through participating and organizing Student Council fundraisers. I also demonstrate skills of collaboration, leadership, and organization as the manager of the Student Council class of 2023 Instagram as well as the Pittsford Mendon Drama Club Instagram page. I also show these qualities as an active member, both in the Student Council and Drama Club. One exemplary accomplishment of mine is coordinating, creating, and running a “prom” event for a local theater company that I am involved in. This entailed establishing music, lighting, a food menu, a budget, and a guest list, and inviting them to the prom. This event was created because I wanted to give back and provide mis/underrepresented queer kids and theater kids the chance to experience a prom, which many of these kids missed due to COVID. This initiative is a great summary and example of my leadership skills and shows why I would be a great member of 2022-23 Student Council. 

Yasmeen Rifai

Student Council Experience: Class vice president since middle school, first year as a representative 2021-22 

I wish to run for Student Council in 2022 – 2023 because I have been a part of Student Council since middle school and strongly wish to continue my work there. I have a passion for helping my class and the school overall. There is so much I have learned from my years of experience that I would love to get the chance to apply in my senior year. I truly believe that I could help make next year and all its events the best they can possibly be, if given the opportunity to do so. I am also so fulfilled in knowing that the things we do in Student Council don't only make an impact in our school, but our community at large. I take pride in all the things Student Council accomplishes together as a team and find excitement in the responsibilities we hold. Especially because next year will be my last year here, I would love nothing more than to finish it out with my Student Council peers. 

Anna Scheuermann

Student Council Experience: A member since 8th grade 

I would like to run for MHS Student Council in 2022-2023 because I want to be a changemaker at Mendon High School. Every day in school --- in classes, the commons, hallways--- I hear people talking about what they wish could be different at Mendon. I talk about it myself. Having been in Student Council for the past couple years of my life, a lot of my friends know that I am an in Student Council and come to me to ask about certain school events, but also with complaints regarding our school. That is why I wish to be in Student Council next year. I will listen to my peers and work to create a school, a learning environment and community they enjoy being a part of and are proud to be from Mendon. I want to make Mendon High School the best place it can be and set it up for success so it can continue to grow for years to come. 

Josiah Thomas

Student Council Experience: President of the class of 2023 for the past 3 years 

I want to run for Student Council again for several reasons. I primarily wish to further improve the school, giving revisions and ideas for school improvement is a vital part of student and staff enjoyment of the school. I would also like to continue representing my fellow peers, taking their suggestions and comments to heart and displaying their concerns to the Council, to work towards improvement in the school lives of all those I go to school with. I consider Student Council to be one of the greatest demonstrations of representative government and leadership that a student can experience first-hand, and I wish to continue learning through the cooperation of other students and myself. 

Ally Vicks

Student Council Experience: Class representative for 3 years 

I wish to run for Menden High School Student Council in 2022-2023 because I enjoy being an active participant in school decisions. I love helping to plan big events and making sure our class can have the budget to do great things in the future. I am very interested in all of the important and exciting things that happen throughout the year and would love to be able to continue for my final year of high school. I like hearing what new ideas students have to share, and I like seeing several people from each grade come together to make memorable experiences happen. Therefore, I hope to be able to return next year. Thank you. 

India Zuniga

Student Council Experience: Class representative  

I wish to run for Student Council because I am able to speak for other students and help them make Mendon their safe space. I am also all about school spirit and would encourage as many students as I can to participate in school activities/ sports/ clubs/ games, etc. I am friends with a wide variety of students in all grades and can communicate with them about Student Council fundraisers and to get their opinions to the student council meetings.