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Airline Safety

Key Words to Try:

Airplanes, Airlines, Aviation, Safety, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)


Wikipedia Article: Aviation Safety

12 Plane Crashes that Changed Aviation

Database Articles Related to AIRLINE SAFETY


Key Words to Try:

Drought, climate, precipitation, 


Britannica article on Drought

Wikipedia article on Drought

Database articles related to Drought


Research in Context

Middle Level comprehensive research database.

Dogs and Emotion


Key Words to Try:

Depression, sadness, emotion, treatment.


Britannica Article on Depression

Database Articles Related to Depression


Classroom Video

Classroom Video on Demand

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Password: knights


Key Words to Try: 

Nutrition, food, health, diet, exercise


US Gov. Nutrition Information for Teens

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers

Database articles related to Personal Health and Nutrition


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