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MHS Senior Inquiry Research Project: Library Instructional Materials

Library Collaboration

Collaboration is the hallmark of secondary and post-secondary library work. It's apex, Embedded librarianship, is an academic norm and beyond our scope here. But there are elements of that model we can adapt to this senior inquiry and help spark student efforts. Librarians can consult one on one or offer large group instruction. Host classes or travel to classrooms. Offer extended skills instruction or tune-up with micro-lessons. Coach students to mastery of the research process.

Review any of the categories below for possible library instructional opportunities. A la carte. Customizable. Live. Flipped. Flexible. Helpful. 

Coming up with a good question

Several undergraduate students at George Mason University talk about the importance and tenets of good academic research questions. This may be you in a matter of months!

Media Bias

Guided Inquiry and Zone of Intervention

Effective arguments