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Summer Reading 2022: Home

Summer Reading Challenge

This summer, K-3 students in West Irondequoit are being encouraged to enjoy the benefits of reading by taking a Deep Dive into Reading.  Summer reading reinforces the habit of reading for pleasure, enrichment, and information. The New York State Library theme this year is: “OCEANS OF POSSIBILITIES".  

We ask that your child read at least 5 books while on summer vacation to complete the Deep Dive worksheet.  Your child may read any book they want to fill-in the worksheet.  If you are looking for book ideas please explore the suggested reading lists on this site.

Summer Reading Program - Oceans of Possibilities | “A library outranks any  other one thing a community can do to benefit its people.”

What is a DEEP DIVE?  A DEEP DIVE is exploring something carefully, really getting to the heart and details of a topic.  This type of investigation requires effort, focus, and an attention to detail. This summer you are challenged to go on a DEEP DIVE into reading and find 5 books to read - on your own, with a grown-up or sibling, a physical book, an e-book on the computer, or even an audio book you can listen to.  Can you complete your DEEP DIVE by the end of the summer?  On this page you'll find links to great places to get books, and the DEEP DIVE Worksheet.  You can fill out and return the worksheet to your teacher in the fall for recognition and a prize. The other pages have book suggestions - these are just ideas for books you might find interesting.  Remember, you can read any book you want - just take the plunge and get ready to dive deep to discover the wonders of reading! 

Good luck, be brave, be strong, be bold, and keep reading!



SORA: How To Use It

Click on this video from the Southlawn Librarian Mrs. Davis.  She will teach you how to use SORA from any device at home!


Ocean of Possibilities BINGO

Searching in SORA

Watch this video from Southlawn Librarian Mrs. Davis to learn how to explore the library catalog in SORA.


Irondequoit Public Library

Attach your IPL card to SORA

Click on this video from Southlawn Librarian Mrs. Davis to learn how to connect your Irondequoit Public Library Card to SORA and get MORE books!