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Public Policy Project


Public policy is a course of action taken by government in response to a perceived problem of its constituents, whether through a law or a regulation. Public policy is influenced by interest groups, the courts and funding priorities in its implementation.


The goal of this project is to have you gain a deeper understanding of a public policy you are interest in: its background & implementation, the role of the courts and interest groups and its effects on the populace. All of these areas were covered at various times during the semester.


You are to write a 4 to 6 page DOUBLE-SPACED paper [with citations] that has THREE portions:

  1. YOUR LAW/REGULATION: Background & a brief history of your public policy [Start simple---> Wikipedia]
  2. INTEREST GROUPS INVOLVED [pro & con]: may include major court cases about your policy [Google Scholar is helpful for cases, especially Federal ones]
  3. IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUR LAW/REGULATION: Analyze the impact of your policy on the country/a state/a locality

More Details

! Important !

  • ​You will need a title page [public policy, name & set]
  • MS Word document, double spacing, Claibri font #12. Must be changed to a PDF for
  • Citations required ---> MLA
  • All papers are turned in through . We will set up an account later if you need one.