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Citing Your Sources - MLA 9: MLA 9 Citation Help

Citing Your Sources - MLA 9

Handout: Citing a Website in MLA 9

Practical Tips

Practical Tips for MLA 8 Works Cited

  • EVERY citation will have at least one Title of Container in italics.  This is the title of the book, e-book, webpage, magazine, newspaper, database, etc.  Database articles will have 2: the original source and the name of the database.
  • EVERY citation should end with a period.
  • When citing BOOKS, everything you need is on the Title Page, except the Date of Publication, which is on the back of the title page.  You can ALSO get everything you need from the library catalog.
  • Citations are alphabetized by the first significant letter in the citation.  Skip over A, The, etc.
  • Works Cited page should be double spaced and use hanging indent.
  • All Databases and MANY e-book and major news websites will INCLUDE a citation.  Look for it ("Cite This", "Citation Tools") to copy & paste, check it for accuracy, edit if necessary.
  • Shorten long URLS from GALE DATABASES ONLY, leave off “Date Accessed”.

Handout: Citing a Book in MLA 9

Parenthetical Citations

Handout: Works Cited Formatting Checklist



MLA Guides for Students

OWL is a great resource for MLA Help.