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Gale E-Books

A large collection of Reference Titles in E-book form.   Our collection is strong for history and biographical subjects.

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Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints features VIEWPOINT essays (opinionated pieces) on a large number of controversial topics, along with news items, reference articles, media and much more.

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Gale in Context: High School

A good general purpose database.  Start here for most topics.

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ABC-CLIO History

Cross-Search 7 HISTORY Databases. 
Be sure to explore ALL of your results.

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ABC-CLIO History Reference E-Books


JSTOR is a collection of Journal Articles, Primary Sources and Books.  Recommended for more advanced research needs.

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Countries and Their Cultures

Spanish Language Databases

Britannica Escolar. Discover the leading knowledge-building resource that is universally trusted for accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish. New features make it more valuable than ever for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish.

Informe Académico meets the research needs of Spanish-speaking users with a wide range of full-text Spanish- and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines both from and about Latin America.

Library of Congress Images

IMAGES - over 5 Million Historical Images, searchable by keyword.

Google Scholar/Books

Google Books/Scholar

Search millions of digitized books.

Search millions of journal articles and research papers.

Gale PowerSearch

Use PowerSearch to cast a wide net - it searches across all of our Gale Databases at once!


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Alternate Search Sites

It's not all about Google and Bing.  There are LOTS of other ways to search the internet when researching.  Here are some great tools:

  • - Academic Resource Search. More than a billion sources: encyclopedia, monographies, magazines.
  • - a search for the contents of 20 thousand worldwide libraries. Find out where lies the nearest rare book you need.
  • - access to more than 10 million scientific documents: books, articles, research protocols.
  • is a library of scientific bioscience journals published in developing countries.
  • - volunteers from 102 countries have collected almost 4 million publications on economics and related science.
  • is an American state search engine on 2200+ scientific sites. More than 200 million articles are indexed.
  • is one of the most powerful researches on academic studies texts. More than 100 million scientific documents, 70% of them are free

Gale Subject-Specific Databases I-Z


Search the SHS Library Catalog - Destiny

Tip: keep your searches simple for best results.

MLA 8 Citation Guide

CIA World Factbook

CIA World Factbook

Extensive statistics and information on all the countries of the world.

Classroom Video

Classroom Video on Demand

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Password: knights

Bloom's Literature

Bloom's Literature

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Password: knights

Research in Context

Chronicling America - LOC Newspapers 1690-1943


Chronicling America - LOC Newspapers 1690-1943

Infobase E-Books

Includes hundreds of literary classics and collections of poetryUsername / Password: pitt-sutherhs / knights

National Geographic Archive

The complete archive of National Geographic magazine from 1888-present, plus e-books and video.

Password: empirelink -OR- sutherland


Search hundreds of University and Museum art image collections all in one place.

MLA 8 Help

Get MLA help here: handouts, videos, tips and more.

New York Times

(Through Gale Power Search)

TIP: Click on a date to browse, or use the search box to the right.

World Religions

User: sutherland, password: school

NYPL Resources

The NYPL is available to all NYS residents, and includes a MASSIVE selection of resources.  Get more information and direct links here.


AllSides compiles news articles from across the political spectrum and organizes them by topic for side-by-side comparison.

Teen Health and Wellness

Username = Monroe1
Password = boces

Gale Subject-Specific Databases A-H


Search Wikipedia:

Remember, the "magic" in a Wikipedia article is down at the bottom.  Look for External Links, Further Reading and References and follow the links. Learn more about How to Use Wikipedia Wisely.


European History Primary Sources

An amazing access point to millions of primary sources!  Requires the creation of a free account for access.

Salem History E-Books

Great Events from History

Great Lives from History

Milestone Documents

Search the SHS Library Catalog

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

Library Catalog - Link


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US & World History

Gale Subject Collections

27 Subject-Specific Database Article Collections.  Remote password: empirelink

Daily Life Through History

Remote access - user: sutherland, password: school

Gale General Science Collection

Ancient Civilizations

Citing Websites with MLA 8

All Databases Here

Science in Context

Password: empirelink

Science OneFile


This free site from Britannica includes good side-by-side comparisons of viewpoints on controversial issues, with strong supporting materials.  Check their sources at the bottom, and google the authors/titles to use them yourself.

TIP: Look for the CITE THIS PAGE button (choose MLA) under a blue quotation mark (") or in the blue bar at the bottom.  If there's no button, look for the Author link near the top. The site is very inconsistent with location, but it's always there somewhere!  ALSO - add a period at the end (they left it off).


Sora provides free, instant access to thousands of eBooks and Audiobooks.  App available for Android and Apple. Find Monroe 1 BOCES -  Pittsford Schools, then log in with PCSD Network login (last first, password).

Gale OneFile Collections